Arizona Car Insurance

Car Insurance In Arizona

What is the minimum car insurance in Arizona?

The minimum car insurance in Arizona  is 25/50/15  Arizona is one of the largest states and is known for its desert climate. The weather can be someone what unpredictable with sudden sand storms decreasing your visibility. A  major flood due to the the monsoon season could make driving conditions very dangerous


Arizona Minimum Coverage

Coverage Requirements In Arizona
Bodily Injury Liability Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability.  Minimum $15,000
Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
State Law Tort Law


California Car Insurance

California Car Insurance

Car Insurance in California

California is one of the most populated states in the country with about 40 million residents. This means that it also is one of the states with the busiest roads. So before you think about cruising down the highway, consider getting yourself a good insurance deal for your ride.

With a lot of car insurance companies claiming to have the best coverage offered, finding the best car insurance in California is not that easy.So before you settle on an insurance company, consider shopping around first; and what better way to do it than to browse car insurance online. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home.

Before we dive deeper into which cheap car insurance online you should buy and how much you should be paying for – we should also know if your existing coverage or if you’re still planning to buy, meets the required minimum by drivers in California.

Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage

Different states have different minimum insurance coverage. With California, the minimum liability coverage is at 15/30/5 per California Insurance Code §11580.1b.

  • $15,000.00 – Bodily injury liability coverage
    • This coverage is used to pay for injury/death to 1 person.
  • $30,000.00– Bodily injury liability coverage
    • This coverage is used to pay for injury/death to more than 1 person.
  • $ 5,000.00 – Property damage liability coverage
    • This coverage is used to pay for damage to property.

A Liability Insurance Coverage is used to pay off or compensate another person for personal injury or property damage.


Is the Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage enough?

While getting the minimum liability is appealing for those who want to buy cheap car insurance online and save money, getting a personalized insurance coverage is better.If you’re involved in a serious car accident, it’s possible that the medical expenses might exceed the minimum limit. That’s why most people go for insurance coverage that will cover more than the required minimum.

Car insurance companies based their computations on different factors. The premium a driver should pay is based on the level of risk each person presents, whether it’s the age, sex,occupation, and even driving history.

Shop Around to Get a Good Price

Shopping around for car insurance quotes might seem exhausting to do but it’s worth every effort. Not all insurance companies charge the same amount of premium and offer the same amount of insurance coverage. So before you settle on a policy, make sure to compare the prices of the car insurance online.

A good deal of insurance companies has expanded their business online. This means that it is easier and faster to get car insurance quotes online. 

Ask for a Discount

Not only is asking for a personalized insurance coverage ideal for getting a good price but so is asking for a discount.

Good Driver Discount

Good Driver Discounts are offered to people who have an excellent track record in driving. People might not realize this but the way you drive can have a drastic impact on the kind of rates insurers will offer you.

If you can go 3-5 years without any fender benders or tickets, then you’re on your way to getting a good driver discount. Some insurers will offer up to 20% discount just by being a good citizen and following simple traffic rules. Different states have different standards when offering good driver discounts, so make sure you’ve done a thorough research and compared all the rates offered.

Discounts for Anti-Theft Devices

Have you ever thought about giving yourself additional security by installing anti-theft devices in your car? You might be surprised but insurance companies offer discounts to people who have anti-theft devices installed. According to Fox Business, insurers are offering up to 25% discount to car owners with anti-theft devices installed in their vehicles. This is because when the insurance company knows that your car is less likely to get stolen, they’re going to offer you a good amount of discount simply because they’re confident that you won’t file for an auto theft claim.

Key Takeaway

Car Insurance is a big financial decision you’ll make, so before you decide on buying a car insurance online, make sure that you’ve done enough research. Consider at least 3-5 insurance companies.

Remember to shop around first and ask for discounts to get a good price online for car insurance in California.

Colorado Car Insurance

Car Insurance In Colorado

What is the minimum car insurance in Colorado?

The minimum Colorado Car Insurance  is 25/50/15.  Colorado is the8th largest state with just over 100,000 square miles. The average temperature in the summer months is 86 degrees. In the winter the average temperature drops to 45 degrees. The annual average is 54 degrees. The average rainfall is 44 inches and the average snowfall is 18 inches.


Colorado Minimum Coverage

Coverage Requirements In Colorado
Bodily Injury Liability Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability.  Minimum $15,000
State Law Tort Law

Failure to Provide Car Insurance

Colorado requires you always carry proof of car insurance with you as evidence.  We will need to show proof incase of an accident or traffic stop.  Failure to show proof of insurance could lead to fines and penalties in the future

Failing To Maintain Insurance In Colorado

If you are caught driving without proof of insurance, the penalties are steep (Colorado Statute 42-4-1409):

  • Four points against your driver license.
  • First offense: minimum $500 fine, and license suspension until you can show proof to the Division of Motor Vehicles that you are insured.
  • Second offense: minimum $1,000 fine and license suspension for four months.
  • Third and subsequent offenses: minimum $1,000 fine and license suspension for eight months.
  • Courts may add up to 40 hours community service to the above penalties.

Fees For Reinstating Licenses

A $40 reinstatement fee and file future proof of liability insurance, in the form of an SR22, with the Motor Vehicle Division. The SR22 form is obtained from an insurance company.

What If I Get Convicted For Driving Without Insurance.

Upon conviction for Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires the driver to obtain and maintain SR-22 Liability Insurance. Drivers must keep this insurance for a period of 3 years.

Failure to  obtain and maintain the SR-22 Insurance, results in an Administratively Suspended of the driver’s license. Suspension will remain until SR-22 Liability Insurance is obtained.