Maryland Car Insurance

Maryland Car Insurance

Maryland Car Insurance 

To register and drive a car in the state of Maryland, you have to have a minimum level of 30/60/15 car insurance coverage. With an estimated number of 4,407,973 licensed drivers in Maryland, getting car insurance online is extremely vital, because it will protect you from unexpected costs.

The state that you live in determines the coverage levels of insurance you will most likely have. Maryland has specific coverages and required limits that all drivers must purchase. To get the best car insurance in Maryland, you have to understand the minimum coverages and requirements that it follows as explained in the table below;

Coverage Requirements In Maryland
Bodily Injury Liability. This covers expenses incurred after the injury or death of another when the accident is your fault $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability. This covers the expenses resulting from the damage of another’s property like homes, vehicles and other structures when the accident is your fault $15,000 limit per accident
Uninsured Motorist. This covers the medical expenses resulting from an accident if the driver at fault has no insurance Bodily injury at $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident and the property damage being $15,000 limit per accident
Underinsured Motorist. This covers the medical expenses after an accident and the driver at fault has limited insurance This is categorized under the uninsured motorist coverage
Personal Injury Protection. This covers the medical or funeral expenses if you or your passengers are involved in an accident $2,500 limit per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection Coverage

This is also referred to as no-fault insurance and it covers the costs of the medical payments incurred after the injury of you or your passengers due to an accident regardless of who is at fault.

It is important to note that Maryland is not a no-fault state. This is because it doesn’t limit your right to sue the party at fault in exchange for this coverage like most no-fault states do.

This means that the state of Maryland requires PIP but allows you to limit the coverages in writing meaning that once you have chosen a limited amount of PIP coverage in one policy.  You have excluded yourself from PIP coverage under any other policy on another car

The table below shows a comparison between full and limited PIP coverage;

PIP Cost Coverage Covered Parties
Full Higher It covers the medical expenses, 85% of lost income, reasonable household service or funeral expenses The policyholder

Their spouse

All members of the household who haven’t limited their PIP in a separate policy

Limited Lower It covers the medical expenses, 85% of income lost, reasonable household service or the funeral expenses Household members below 16

Members of the household who haven’t limited their PIP in a separate policy

One injured while a passenger on another’s car or as a pedestrian


Insurance Discounts in Maryland

  • Multi-car discount
  • Good student discount
  • Safe driver discount
  • Anti-theft discount for those with the device installed

Driving Laws for Teenagers in Maryland

If you are a teen in Maryland looking to get a driver’s license, you have to become familiar with its teen driving laws

You have to be at least 15 years and 9 months to receive a learner’s permit and complete a knowledge test. When you reach 16 years and 6 months and after holding the learner’s permit for a period of at least 9 months and completing 60 driving hours while supervised, you can become eligible for a provisional driver’s license

Young drivers have to complete a driver’s education and pass a road test. The minimum age to get a full license is 18

Failure to Have Car Insurance

You must have car insurance in Maryland.  Anyone who is caught driving without car insurance will have to pay a fine of $150 for the first 30 days and $7 for each additional day you go without having car insurance. The maximum annual fine is $2,500

Your car registration will also get suspended if you don’t have car insurance

If you drive with a suspended registration, then your car could get impounded hence getting additional tickets

Car Insurance In Baltimore, Maryland (2021)

Car Insurance In Baltimore Maryland

What Is The Average Car Insurance In Baltimore?

 The average car insurance in Baltimore will pay around $2,072 for car insurance. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. The average insurance in Maryland is around $1,415, the national average car insurance rate is $1,548.

What Impacts Car Insurance In Baltimore?

Car Theft Rate

According to Neighborhoodscout  about 3,900 cars were stolen in Baltimore.  Baltimore has a population of 609,000 and 6.69 stolen cars per 100 residents. The national average is 2.29 cars stolen per 100 residents.

The chance of getting your car stolen in Baltimore is 3 times higher than the national average.  The high rate of car theft is a major contributor in Baltimore average rates being 34 percent higher than the national average

Fatality Rate

The fatality rates are also a major factor which impacts the car insurance rates of your ZIP or city.

Crime Rate

Overall crime is much higher in Baltimore than the rest of the country. This also leads to the much higher car insurance costs compared to the rest of the state and country.

Car Insurance Rates By Age 

Age pays a big factor in how much you pay for car insurance. In Baltimore the age group that pays the lowest car insurance premiums are this in their 50s. 

The average annual premium for drivers in their 50s is around $1,820 per year.  Drivers in their 60s also pay below the average at $2,007 per year. 

It is no surprise that teenage drivers pay the highest annual premiums. On average teenage drivers pay over $7,196 a year on car insurance. 

The largest drop in annual premiums occurs once drivers reach 20 years of age. Drivers in their 20s pay around $2,881 which is a savings of almost $4,315 per year


Car Insurance Rates By Marital Status & Gender


Marital status and gender can play a role in calculating your car insurance premiums.  In Baltimore married drivers pay the same as the single drivers.  

In many parts of the country married drives pay less than single drivers. Even divorced or and widowed drivers surprisingly pay less than single drivers.

When it comes to the car insurance cost by gender. Female drivers in Baltimore pay on average $46 more on car insurance than male drivers.  

Car Insurance Rates By Driving Incidents 

One of the most important factors in determining how much you pay for your Baltimore car insurance is your driving history. 

You might not have control of where you live but you are in full control of how many tickets you get.  Keeping a clean record can save you hundred of dollars on your car insurance. 

Baltimore drivers will pay an extra $1,044 per year for car insurance with 1 reckless driving charge.  An at fault accident with damages of $2,000 or more will cost you $982 more a year. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • Add anti-theft devices if you live in an area with high car theft
  • Take advantage of age and marital status to get better car insurance rates
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