USAA Auto Insurance Review (2021)

USAA Auto Insurance


Getting an insurance policy for your vehicle is mandatory in most states. It does not matter how dependable your driving skills are. You should have an insurance policy for your vehicles. USAA auto insurance provides great options to military families. 

It may be difficult to pay auto insurance premiums now, but it would be of great help in case of any unforeseen events.

Do you need important information about the available insurance covers, premium cost, how to qualify for USAA auto insurance, and other services the company offers?


This review on USAA auto insurance is must-read.

About USAA Auto Insurance

The United Services Automobile Association, popularly known as USAA, is an insurance company founded in 1922 by 25 military officers who agreed to insure each other’s vehicles. 

Who could have imagined that a small gathering of army officers would lead to this. USAA has become one of the biggest insurance providers in the world today?

Since its inception, USAA has been diligent in providing insurance coverage for vehicles, renters, boats, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, homeowners, pets, health, and life amongst others to millions of Americans

You can get an insurance policy anywhere in the United States. USAA has a license to carry out insurance operations in all 50 states.

The insurance company is known for its unflinching support towards military personnel and their relatives.

If you belong to the military , then USAA should be one of the insurance companies on your mind. Join the USAA family and save over $700 every year on insurance premiums.

Types of USAA Auto Insurance Policies (With Additional Covers)

Every insurance company offers various types of coverages to its customers. The following are the available insurance policies at USAA.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers the cost of injury and damages caused to the other driver. It does not cover damage to you and your vehicle. It includes body injury (BI) and property damage (PD) liability.
This type of insurance is referred to as 3rd Party Insurance in some other countries.
If you are responsible for an accident, USAA would cover the cost of repairs and medical care of the other motorist.
In cases the other drivers files a lawsuit. Liability insurance would cover any legal payments.


Collision Coverage

USAA auto insurance will pays for damages to your car due to an accident. If collide with an object or other motorists you will not be responsible for the cost of repairs. A typical scenario is when you hit your neighbor’s fence, a fire hydrant, or a telephone pole. 

Collision insurance protects you from these types of incidents also.  

Comprehensive Coverage

USAA’s comprehensive cover bears the cost of any damage done to your vehicle not caused by a collision. Your vehicle is insured from natural disasters, carjacking, vandalism, and others.

Underinsured/Uninsured motorist Coverage

Every state in the country has a minimum insurance requirement that all motorists and vehicle owners must own. 

As some motorists default this rule, an underinsured/uninsured auto insurance coverage would cover you if you get in an accident with someone who cannot cover your premiums.

Medical Payments insurance

When one’s health is on the line; little regard is placed on blaming a motorist for the accident. It does not matter who is at fault, a MedPay insurance covers you and your passengers’ medical expenses when treating vehicle-related injuries.

Personal Injury Protection:

PIP and MedPay are quite alike; PIP comprises medical treatment and losses incurred from physical injury.

 Let’s say you were involved in an accident and spent some time in the ward, you would be compensated for the earnings you missed when you were not able to work.

You can get further insurance with any of the following covers:

Roadside assistance: This insurance coverage pays for emergencies: vehicle repairs, changing tires, delivering fuel, and towing in case your car refuses to start. USAA’s roadside assistance would cost you about $20 more on insurance premiums annually.

Accident forgiveness: Getting involved in an accident affects your credit score and driving record. Your insurance premium increases if you are at fault in an accident. If you have accident forgiveness, it would stop the cost of your insurance premium from skyrocketing.

Guaranteed Asset Protection: This comes in handy if you own a financed vehicle and have a serious accident. GAP insurance pays the amount between what you owe and the value of the vehicle.

Rental car reimbursement: In events where an accident makes your vehicle unfit for driving, USAA covers the cost of renting a car all through that period.

Rideshare Cover: Good news for Uber and Lyft drivers; you get necessary insurance if you are not under the company’s commercial insurance policies. Include USAA’s rideshare to your insurance policy for as low as $6 monthly.

Glass coverage: When you have glass coverage, you won’t have to spend a dime on repairing windshields or car glass. In Kentucky, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Florida, glass insurance is usually part of USAA comprehensive coverage. Though residents in New York, Arizona, and Connecticut can choose to pay an extra fee for full glass insurance.

You may select insurance policies however you desire as long as it isn’t below the minimum requirement in your state. 

Although adding different covers to your insurance policy is important, try not to exceed your pocket’s limit. Several factors determine the cost of your insurance premium.

Premium Costs and Offers (factors that determine the cost of insurance premiums)

When calculating your vehicle insurance premium, USAA would consider the following factors:

Age: Studies have shown that teenage drivers are prone to accidents, having a high-risk factor. As a result of this, their auto insurance premiums are quite expensive for drivers younger than 25 years.

In older adults, it is a result of a weakening in vision and cognitive skills that come with old age. People whose ages fall between 30 and 65 years get the best insurance costs as they’ve had years of driving experience.

Gender: Men tend to get involved in more accidents than women. So, if you are a man, you should expect to pay more for your auto insurance policy.

Driving history: People with more reliable driving skills and better driving records would normally pay cheaper premiums than others. If you have been in accidents in the past, you would spend more on insurance premiums.

Location: Asides from the need to meet the minimum requirement for insurance policies in your state, some places are quite safer than others. If you reside in the city, your premium would be more expensive than others who stay in rural areas because you are more exposed to thefts and accidents. New York and New Jersey usually have the most expensive premium rates one among the 50 states

Mileage: When you drive less, you are less prone to accidents. One effective way to save money on insurance premiums is by driving below the expected mileage. If you do not drive often, I’d recommend you switch from a standard to pay-per-mile auto insurance policy. It is more pocket-friendly as long as you do not exceed the stipulated mileage.

Vehicle: Your vehicle also plays a crucial role in determining your insurance premium. Every detail is taken into consideration: the brand, model, year of production, size, and type are among these features. Let’s take an example; someone with the latest Tesla model might pay more premium than another person who drives a 2011 Toyota Camry SE. The engine size, in-built safety measures, and odds of theft are also considered.

What Do You Need to Get an Insurance Policy At USAA Auto Insurance?

After deciding which USAA coverage you want to get, you’d need to prepare some documents to complete the process. You would be asked to produce:

Personal information: This includes your full name, date of birth, driver’s license, social security number, driving history, and residential address among others. 

Your driver’s license is proof that you are a legal driver and USAA can review your driving history.


Vehicle details: The brand, model, year of manufacture, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and total distance traveled should be ready. 


Banking Information: If you want to sign up for automatic payment, you would need your banking information appropriately.

Do I Qualify for the USAA Auto Insurance policy?

Only people who have an association with the United States Military can qualify for an auto insurance policy at USAA.   

This included military experts, active military and former military service personnel. Their  families including – children, partners, widowers, and widowers are also eligible for coverage. Until they remarry, divorced couples can claim an insurance policy from USAA auto insurance. .

USAA Auto Insurance Discounts and Offers

USAA is committed to saving you money while delivering quality service. There are discounts for:

  • Safe driving: If you keep a clean driving record for more than five years.
  • New car: New vehicles not older than three years.
  • Driver training: Teenage drivers who finish a fundamental driving course.
  • Excellent students: Students who keep good grades in school
  • Vehicle storage: By storing your car when you are on duty, you can save up to 60%.
  • Loyalty rewards: If USAA auto insurance has been your insurer for a considerable amount of time, you would qualify for a discount. You can save money by partnering with USAA on a long-term basis.
  • Multi-vehicle: You get a reduction in premium when you insure more than one vehicle with USAA.
  • Multi-policy discount: Never forget to request a discount when combining other insurance covers with your auto insurance.
  • No accident discount: People who have never gotten in an accident can get save money on their insurance premiums.

Other Services USAA Offers

USAA has always provided convenient banking and reasonably priced insurance alongside an array of investment products initiated through strategic providers. Join USAA and get the best deals on:

Insurance: Asides from providing auto insurance services, USAA is known as the number 1 insurance provider for homes, personal items, small businesses, travel, health, life, pet, and other insurance options for you and your loved ones.

Banking: Join USAA and experience everyday banking on another level. From checking your account balance without any charges to acquiring the best loans on a mortgage and real estate, USAA is there with you all the way.

Investments: Save ahead for the rainy days. Invest for the future and acquire more wealth. USAA helps actualize your money goals, providing a way out of your investment problems.

Advice: Every decision you make in life is important. Whether minor or major, you get the guidance of financial experts every step of the way: spending, saving, and focusing on the most important things.

Reviews and Ratings

USAA Auto Insurance is rated the best for:

  •       Military Families
  •       Teenage drivers
  •       College Students
  •       Seniors
  •       Best High-Risk Auto Insurance

Another feature that pushes USAA up the ladder is the award-winning customer support. But unlike most insurance companies, USAA does not need insurance agents to sell to clients. 

Although USAA auto insurance  does not have insurance agents, the customer support team is available for complaints every day of the week.

Place a call to 800-531-8722 on

  •       Weekdays: between 5 am and 2 am CT
  •       Saturdays: between 6 am and 2 am CT
  •       Sundays: between 8 am and 12 am CT


USAA Online Tools (Mobile Application and Website)

If you want to compare multiple insurance providers you can use our free online tool to get an online quote today. 

If you do not fancy scrolling through the web, you can download the USAA mobile app. The mobile app is compatible with all mobile devices; iOS and Android phones. 

The mobile application gives room for easy access to your USAA mobile account. Oversee your finances, get insurance quotes, manage investments and insurance policies. Do a lot more at the comfort of your fingertips.


USAA auto insurance caters to the military, offering protection for military personnel, their vehicles, and families.

If you qualify for USAA car insurance we highly recommend them due to all the factors mentioned in this article. 

This includes but not limited to cheapest car insurance and world class customer service.

USAA understands that military families sacrifice a lot and they make it their mission to offer them the best coverage to give them peace of mind.


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